Peer-2-Peer Donation Done Right

Floforte System

Robust, Reliable, Safe Peer-2-Peer Donation System

Double Your Funds with the Power of Team Work!

What is Floforte?

Floforte is a Peer to Peer Donation System built perfectly with the most advanced Technology to make peer to peer donation swift, reliable and robust. The platform has taken time to fix the issues associated with old peer to peer donation systems to ensure that it is bullet proof of the common issues such as Cyber Beggars, Greedy participants, Invalid payments, Slow & Unresponsive Platform, Sudden Death of Platform. Built by a UK based Technology Company for the Nigerian market.

How it Works is Simple: You receive double of what you give. See Plans below

Core Features

How it Works

Part A: Registration

  • You register & verify your Email
  • You provide Activation Pin
  • You input & verify your Phone Number
  • You provide your Bank Details & select Plan

Part B: Donation

  • You wait..
  • You are assigned ONE participant to donate to.
  • You make donation
  • Participant confirms your donation.

Part C: Receiving

  • You wait..
  • You are assigned TWO participant to receive from.
  • You receive donation
  • You confirm or reject donation.

Why Choose Us?

Here's why

Team Work

You have all the Power

We have designed the system to give the participant all the tool needed to issue that you are never cheated by another unserious or dubious participant.

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Decentralized Management System

All participants belongs to an Activation Pin Vendor, that are managed by Activation pin vendors. Any participant can become a vendor simply by meeting the requirements. Ease of problem solving, ease of information dissamination

Pure And Simple

UK Registered Company

Floforte Limited is a recently Registered Company in the UK. So we take our business seriously. Click here to view registration certificate

Cross Browser Support

24/7 Team of Engineers & Reliable Support System

Our team of engineers monitors the platform always and ensures the Platform keeps running 24/7 without any issues. The decentralized management system ensures that all support queries are responded to all the time.

Advanced Merging Technology

Our state of the art merging technology ensures you receive your own donation as at when due. No delays!

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10% Referral Bonus

Invite fellow participants and earn 10% bonus on the Payment Plan they are on.


Participants on the Platform so far

Still Have Doubts?

Contact and Talk with a Vendor

(Vendors are people that sell our activation pins)


Take advantage of our simple Plans


  • You Get 20,000
  • You Receive Payment
  • Between 24 Hours - 14 Days


  • You Get 50,000
  • You Receive Payment
  • Between 24 Hours - 14 Days


  • You Get 100,000
  • You Receive Payment
  • Between 24 Hours - 14 Days


  • You Get 200,000
  • You Receive Payment
  • Between 24 Hours - 14 Days

Contact Us

You can send us a message here and we will get back to you.